Thursday, January 12, 2012


As I was negotiating the new contract for my job, there was really one thing on my mind. 

And that was my arse.

For the whole two months that I was working previously, I had to sit in a horrible ordinary meeting-room style chair. 

(No photos because I'm THAT GOOD a blogger).

Not even any wheels on my chair.  So I said to my boss that I would only come back if they got a new chair for me.

And she agreed!

On Tuesday my chair was delivered, and it's the best office chair I've ever had!  The back and the seat are all one molded piece, so there's none of that horrible wobbly seat back that standard office chairs get. 

And the seat has a nice fat bum, just like me.  And - even better than all that - my chair has little arms.  I've never worked in an armchair before, and I've gotta say - I like it!


  1. Pleased to hear you have a new chair. I am envious as I still have the tied chair I was allocated when I commenced my job 14 years ago....

    1. I would be bringing it up at my next performance review. That bit where they say: is there anything we can do to help you achieve your goals for this year. You say: yes actually. There is.