Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fish food

 We had an hour or so at Singapore airport after checking in.
Oh Singapore! Singapore was a little bit difficult for me, truth be told. I was stressed before we left, and Singapore itself is hardly a relaxing place.  I got annoyed with the way the Singapore government seems to be so preoccupied with keeping the traffic moving, that they think nothing of making pedestrians walk for 6 kilometers just to get across the road.
There are shopping malls parked over most of the city subway stops.  So you get off the subway, and then suddenly you are trapped in a shopping malls.  Sometimes, it was as if our holiday was a weird 6-day long version of Mall Rats, with occasional zoo breaks.
We had hot, sore feet the whole time.  Jandals weren't cutting it, so we were wearing trainers a lot. Believe me, you're making a sad choice when you're deciding between sweaty sore jandals, or socks in 35 degree heat.
So at the airport, we fed ourselves to the fishes.

They did a REALLY good job at removing all the horrible dead skin from my feet. (Aren't you glad you know that?) It tickled quite a bit in the beginning, but you get used to it.
Mr Martin liked it too.

 PS: Mr Martin has taken to referring to me as Mrs Grits on the Internet. What do we think of this? The rational is that his moniker is HotGrits, so therefore I am Mrs Grits.  Wondering if I should start calling him Mr Grits instead.


  1. Stick with Mrs Martin, refuse to be called by any other name! Don't know how Mr Martin did the fish thing, revolting....... Please I read this after Friday nights fish for dinner.

    1. It's not revolting Robyn, it's Nature.

      I did a little thought experiment and realised that you could create a complete, perfect little universe, with a crusty-skinned person, and tank of water and a lot of little doctor fish. The fish nibble the person, and get fat and healthy and breed. The person eats fish when hungry. It's not exactly cannibalism, since the fish have different DNA than us.

      The only other thing you'd need is a TV. Watching the little fishies eat you is mildly amusing, but I think after about 20 minutes you need something else to look at.