Saturday, January 7, 2012

One foot out the door.

Last night I was driving home from the orphanage and feeling quite happy with my life. I have work for this year - though not full time, it is good, interesting work.  I get to cuddle babies regularly. I have found a tailor near my house who will make dresses for 300k dong (around $17 NZ). I have an iPad, and a haircut, and an electric piano. 

And then, when I walked into my apartment building feeling all contented, the receptionist asked to talk to me.  She pulled out a calendar and pointed to a date circled - Jan 20th. That's when the people they have leased our apartment to are moving in.  When am I moving out?

They've leased our apartment to someone else, and given us 10 days notice!

Just to be clear - we were NOT intending on moving. 

Our dodgy real estate agent, Mr Tony tells us that "I think they are OK.  They like you, they say you are very nice and kind."  As if that was supposed to make the sudden eviction notice all right. 

So, we are now apartment hunting, with some urgency.  Thank goodness my job is only 2 days a week at the moment, and I will be able to dedicate some time to this. 

We had intended to go to Singapore for Tet - (Jan 22 - 27), now I am worried that we might not be able to go. 

So please cross your fingers for me that we'll find something easily that won't be too expensive. 

As a side note - we're pretty certain that Mr Tony is complicit in the whole thing, so we don't really trust him all that much.  We will be looking at some apartments with him today, and then we will be looking for another agent as well.

PS: Mr Martin says: "I like how you've got an electric piano and everything else and you don't mention a loving husband. Just saying."  So now I'm homeless AND my husband is mad at me. 

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