Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helping Hand Saigon Book Day

Book fair!  Good quality second hand books in English (and other languages) for sale!

25th and 26th of June.  9am-3pm.

Serenade Cafe, 84 Huynh Van Banh Street, Phu Nhuan District.

I have been working closely with Helping Hand Saigon on planning and getting funding for the Star Scholarship Program.

One of the regular fundraising events that Helping Hand Saigon hold to fund these scholarships is a book fair. I went to the last one and was delighted to see many (like four or five tables FULL) of English language books - both fiction and non-fiction.  And the price was very reasonable - from 25,000 to maybe 70,000 dong per title depending on the size and quality of the book.  I get a lot of books to read electronically on my iPod, but sometimes I still have a craving for paper.  If you're like me - I suggest you get down there and scoop up a few choice reads. 

It looked like this - but more.

 The Star Scholarship is a really great program all about giving scholarships to groups of disadvantaged children in remote areas.  The idea is that by helping many children from one school or area, we can hopefully enrich the whole school community - not just the individuals involved.  Because of what our funding allows right now, the scholarships are relatively small at around 500,000 dong per student per semester, but they are large enough to provide a contribution towards school fees, and purchase school supplies and small gifts for the children involved.   While primary education is compulsory in Vietnam it is not free, and significant numbers of children (especially in remote areas where there are many barriers) simply do not get even basic education. Even though they are small, the Star Scholarships are significant enough that they can allow children to continue to attend primary school.

If you have books to donate please contact (English on the phone is OK).

Hieu To: 0906 850 358
Suong Nguyen: 0934 005 224
or email:

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