Friday, June 3, 2011

But where can I get a coyote?

I have always admired Shreve Stockton.  Not only does she have a real live coyote - she travelled across the US, alone, on a Vespa.  What's more - her Nana is a blogger too.

So I knew before I came to Saigon that I wanted to ride a motorbike. And I also knew that it's super scary riding motorbikes here.  Or even just bicycles. Or even just being on the road at all.  But I have decided that it's time - and I am going to get a bike and ride it.

I have found a place that will rent me a SYM Attila for 1.2 million dong per month.  Apparently it will be a red one - so something like this:

And I have found a guy who can help me to get a real drivers license.  So watch this space for updates!


  1. Too scary for me, stay safe on the roads.

  2. 1.2 million VND for an Attila. It better be a brand new smacking Attila Victoria. It may be better just to buy a used Attila and sell before you leave.

    I bought my motorbikes in the past.

    Stay safe, get a good helmet.

  3. Really? I thought that was a good rate (someone else quoted me 1.5 million). Hm. Maybe I should shop around a bit more. I don't really want to buy one until I've got a bit more experience of bikes in general and a better feel for what I want.

    Good helmet - yes.

    Anyway - nothing will happen until I can find my NZ drivers license which has gone walkabout (driveabout?).