Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Bishop Making Ceremony

This is not related to Vietnam, but I was going through some old photos today trying to make room on my laptop and found this:

About a year or so ago I was invited to attend an ordainment ceremony for an Anglican Bishop. I went along expecting a bit of pomp and men in dresses and wasn't disappointed.

Afterwards at home we conducted a little ordainment ceremony of our own, and Little Ted became The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop Little Ted.

Frogdog, who is an abomination (the Lord made frogs, and the Lord made dogs. The Lord did not make frogdogs) was allowed to observe but not participate, on the condition that he covered his head and concealed his hideous marks of the Devil. (The Devil being a 6-year old brother Joseph who was going through an arsonist phase).

Yes, Frogdog, Big Ted, Little Ted and Mr Rabbit all did come to Vietnam. 

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