Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waste not...

You know how sometimes you do something really dumb by mistake and it ends up being costly and embarrassing?

Martin got up out of bed to get a glass of water for me the other night, because I wasn't feeling so well.  How sweet! And because I had left the jug of water from the fridge out on the bench, there was no cold water.  So he got some ice cubes, too.

Then he came back to bed and left the freezer door wide open, all night long. And I had been working on stockpiling, because shopping is such a b*tch, so that freezer was full. Of meaty things.

So everything of course thawed out, and needed to be chucked. Not really such a big deal, but you know. Bugger.

We packed up all the stuff into a plastic bag and put it in the bin.  Not beside the bin - in the bin.

And the maids pulled it out. And left it behind.  Which I realised could be interpreted as either, they think I'm and idiot (given) and that I accidentally threw out a whole lot of meat - or - that they intended to take it, but forgot.

Today, I put it all back in the bin, and when I got up to check to make sure it had gone, I saw it all sitting in the kitchen sink.  The maid obviously can't understand why I would throw out so much food.

The problem is, that I am completely ignorant.  I have no idea what happens to the rubbish once the maids take it out my front door.  Well, that's not completely true.  I have some idea.  I know that it gets sorted through thoroughly - probably by lots of people.  There is a lady who comes down the street with a cart and collects all the papers and plastics and other recyclable things. I don't know what happens to food waste.  I don't know where rubbish is stored on the premises (probably in the basement somewhere, and probably not for long).  So it's not like I could just take it down and chuck it in the skip myself.  There is no skip.

I had to call the maid back and explain to her that this was rubbish, and that it is not safe to eat.  I told her that the fridge had been left open and that the food had gone bad. I am worried that it will be distributed among the staff and they will all die of food poisoning.

She said yes, and smiled, and took it away.  I will let you know if I get a different maid tomorrow...

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  1. I will tell you a story about the haus merry and prawns one day! Hope your maid returns tomorrow and is not looking green.....