Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paracetamol is cheap, at least

I am sick again.  One or the other of us has been sick or at least poorly in one way or another since about a week after we arrived. Sometimes we have both been sick at the same time which is very miserable because I am a horrible patient but an even worse nurse.

I really would much rather that I didn't have to deal with sick people, and body fluids and their noises.  Do you realise how noisy another person's headcold is?  Very inconvenient. But also when I am sick I don't want any ministrations performed on me no matter how well intentioned. But that doesn't mean I don't want you to offer. I just want to refuse you. It's like the power of saying 'no' is all I have left, since I no longer have control of lung functions.  (Or my bowel functions. Depending.) So if I'm sick, and Martin's sick at the same time - I am irritated by his sickness, and even if he tries to be nice to me I am horrible.

The problem is of course that we haven't been to Vietnam before.  We eat as carefully as we can - no street food etc - but it is inevitable that we are getting exposed to new bugs all the time.  I imagine that in a few months time I will be the picture of good health with a rock solid immune system, but right now I am grumpy as all hell with a runny nose and a cough and no voice beyond a whisper.  Again.

Thank god for e-books and my iPod touch.  And air-conditioning.

After a lengthy consultation with the Guardian's bookshop I have decided to download The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. 

Anybody out there read this?


  1. maybe the aircon is adding to your sickness woes?

  2. Yes, Aircon isn't that great - even though I'm from around there, when ever I'm there, aircon makes me sick - you dont know how often - if ever they clean the filters.

  3. Preventative maintenance isn't a high priority for some (most)landlords. I would make sure the filter in the A/C is clean.

    You could also try augmentin when you have a cold. Most pharmacies carry it.