Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visas and other such practical concerns

Even though we have been here now for almost three months, we are still on our tourist visas, and they are about to expire.

Mr Martin did get a work permit a week or so ago.  It's a very flimsy looking thing, with his photo stuck on it lopsidedly.  We both looked at it and thought: 'that looks like would be easy to forge'. 

Getting the work permit is good, because we also found out that our shipment of stuff is about to arrive any day now.  This was a surprise to us, because we thought that the shipment couldn't even be shipped until the visa and work permit were sorted out.  And indeed, the shipping company need to take possession of the work permit for a few days after the stuff gets here in order for the stuff to be released by customs.

And because the shipping company will have the work permit, the visa people can't process the residence visa application until we get it back off them.

Getting visas is a mysterious process from our point of view, as it is mostly managed by the company.  And we just do as we're told from time to time.  Which generally means bringing documents like the passports (and the marriage certificate, today.  I knew we needed to get married.  Phew!) to the office.  Today we were also instructed to go and get more photos taken. In two different sizes.

Move over! You're taking all my good light...

I am slightly worried that we will get told next Wednesday that we will have no choice but to go to Singapore for the weekend because our visas have expired.

That worry made me go looking at airfares (reassuringly cheap!).  And then I saw that Air Asia are offering direct flights from Christchurch to Kuala Lumpur for USD99.  Seriously folks, if you're on a budget and want to come and visit us later in year you should book that flight. Cheap as!

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