Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr Martin samples the Hoi An Beach Resort special.

We've recently been watching downloaded episodes of the Downlow Concepts brilliant comedy: Hounds. Here's a taster if you haven't seen it yet. In Hounds, the bar lady at the dog track serves a special punch, made of all the undrunk dregs from the bottom of people's glasses. so when we saw the Hoi An Beach Resort Special on the menu at the (you guessed it) Hoi An Beach Resort this afternoon, I was suspicious.

And yet Mr Martin daringly ordered it anyway:


He was right, it did taste better than my piña colada. But that's only because my piña colada was virtually undrinkable - in my opinion he gave it a very generous score.

So this weekend we've been beaching and tomorrow we're going snorkeling. This is our 4th trip to Hoi An, and so we've hung out exclusively at the beach and haven't gone into the township even once. The weather has been lovely, a bit of rain yesterday but nothing like the daily storms we've been getting in Saigon. The sea is great for swimming - not choppy or murky. Though, there are jellyfish, and one wrapped itself around my foot this afternoon so I had to spend the next half hour soaking my foot in a hot bath. Which worked, by the way! Now it looks no different from a couple of mosquito bites on my foot and ankle.

Mr Martin is at the spa right now, and when he gets back we're going to wander down to the restaurant at the next resort along (which is a bit nicer than this one) for dinner and maybe another special cocktail. If its on the menu, I intend to to order jellyfish salad!



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