Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oooh Crumbs!

Do you know Crumbs Bakery here in Saigon?

When I remember to order online on a Friday night, I love getting a delivery of warm, fresh bread on Saturday mornings. You can order any day of the week, of course, and they deliver the next morning - but I think it's extra special to get a delivery on the first morning of the weekend. It reminds me of when my mother used to send us down to the dairy on Sunday mornings for a hot Sunday loaf. I don't think you can get those at the local dairy any more (showing my age, here!).

Crumbs is just like Baker's Delight at home - and we suspect that's not an accident. Just check out the similarity between the two logos:

Anyway, Crumbs is better than Baker's Delight, because Crumbs is HERE. And, not only do they make wonderful fresh bread - but they're the only joint we've found in town that can make pies.

This morning we had a craving for pies for breakfast. And after a protracted argument about who should go on a motorbike and fetch some, we had a brainwave and rang them up to ask for a delivery.

Happy pie face!

Happy pie face!

They arrived still hot and delicious - just in time for Sunday brunch. The woman on the phone spoke pretty good English, too. Thanks, Crumbs, for preserving Marital Harmony in the Martin household for one more day!


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