Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear Phil - easy pomelo and chicken salad

Mr Martin works long hours, and gets home late at night.  Even though it's pretty cheap (and delicious!) to eat out, after a long day at work trying to find a restaurant and choosing from a menu and summoning waitresses is just not relaxing. It's much better to mooch around in your underwear at home on nights like that.

So a lot of the time, I cook.  Even though I enjoy cooking in my kitchen (it's certainly the nicest kitchen I've ever had - ants 'n' all) it is very limited.  I have one gas ring. And a microwave. And a rice cooker. And of course a kettle and a toaster. And that means that I'm always looking for things I can make with one pot only.

We talk a lot about buying more appliances.  The conversations go like this:

Ooh! Sorbet! If I had a blender I could make sorbet.

OK Petal.

You just get your fruit - wonderful tropical fruit like mangos - and mush it up in a blender with some sugar syrup then BAM! Sorbet.

OK Petal. Get a blender then.

But then you'll just want me to make you smoothies all the time.
I'm not your smoothie-blending slave you know.

Quiet despair

Look! They're making little tarts on  MasterChef.  I could make those if I had an oven. 
I could get one of those little bench-top ovens from the Metro.  You would like those tarts.

No. YOU would like them. I don't like tarts.

We both know that's not true.

But actually the real reason I don't just go and buy a blender is that we both still remember the horror that was getting rid of 99% of our personal and household possessions last October so that we could come here.  The more stuff I buy now is just more stuff I'm going to have to jettison at a later date.  It feels like a waste of money - but worse than that - a blender symbolises burden to the unevolved areas of my brain that control my kitchen-appliance-related emotions.  It's just too hard.

The point of this post being that last night I made a delicious one-pot no-blender-required meal of pomelo salad with tender chicken pieces served with steamed white rice.

Mix together: 
  • One pomelo - peeled and broken into bits (substitute with grapefruit if you can't get a pomelo. Just be sure to remove all the pith. Grapefruit might not be as sweet, so you may want to add some honey to the dressing.)
  • A few cherry tomatoes  halved lengthways.
  • Fresh basil, and two kinds of mint - shredded with a knife. Any sweet herbs would do for this though.
  • Spring onions. A few. Chopped.
  • Garlic - mashed in a mortar and pestle and then stirred with a few tablespoons of olive oil. I used 3-4 cloves, but you might want less.
  • Fish sauce - a couple of teaspoonsful.
  • Lime juice - one lime's worth.
  • About a quarter of a cup of crushed peanuts.
  • Lightly fried pieces of chicken breast or tenderloin. If I was fancy I would call it pan-seared.  But really.  You just fry it. Until it's cooked.  You could use prawns as well or instead.

Toss the chicken through the salad and serve while it's still warm.



  1. This sounds tasty. Did you make it up?

  2. Yes - all recipes on here are my own - if only because I seem to be incapable of following other people's recipes!