Thursday, July 28, 2011


I needed some pegs.  Lots of my tshirts have wide necks and they kept slipping off the hangers when I put them out to dry.  So off I went to the Big C - which is where I tend to buy all my plastic crap.

At first I was annoyed, because they didn't seem to have any normal pegs.  Vietnamese people seem to love things which are overly fussy, so all the pegs were weird shapes.  But then when I went back to the plastic crap aisle I decided to suck it up and just buy the weird shaped pegs. And then I looked closer.

Huh.  Those are actually shaped like little birds.  Like little hipster birds. And they're kind of cool colours.  I like them.

So I bought two packets. And when I got home I played with them for a while. 

I am suddenly a sucker for weird-shaped plastic crap. I think I'm turning Vietnamese.

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  1. I like them too Katrina, how are you doing? Let's catch up soon?