Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crooked Little House - Part 2

There is an apartment building being built on my street. The project is progressing so quickly that is really difficult to believe - especially when you consider how low tech the materials and processes in comparison with similar projects back home.

This is a view of the site today from my balcony.

The floor that was being built last week has been completed, one layer of flooring has already gone down, and they are putting a layer of concrete down today.  The entire building is iron frames, bricks and mortar and hand-poured concrete. 

These guys are really small, but very strong.  They spend all their days hauling buckets of concrete and bricks. They have to work really quickly to pour the concrete out and level it before it dries.

They use a pulley system to get the concrete up to the floor levels they are working on.

The pulley is powered by some kind of fuel - I doubt it's diesel.  It sounds like two-stroke lawnmower engine and it billows out great puffs of black smoke.

 That's pulley operator down there in the hat. 

The concrete is mixed by hand in one of those old-fashioned concrete mixers.  I took this picture on the walk home from the restaurant the other night.

Even concrete mixers need to sleep.

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