Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Service announcement: Crackbook

Facebook is banned in Vietnam.

For a while I was able to access it through, but now that has been blocked too.  People have also been able to access it by changing their IP addresses, but now that doesn't work either, as the Vietnamese government has made a direct block against the IP addresses at Facebook.

So, until I hear news of how to get onto Facebook again, I'm (obviously) off it.

I know lots of you have been accessing the posts by clicking through from Facebook - but now I can't actually post the blogs up on Facebook anymore -  so if that's you - then you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed, or just save the blog address as a bookmark and check every now and then for new posts. Or, if you are someone in NZ or somewhere and you can get Facebook and you want to put my blogs on Facebook for me as I post them, drop me an email.

If you want to be informed of new posts by email, just let me know, and I'll email a link to you each time I put a new post up.

Thanks all!

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