Friday, November 12, 2010

If they feed us like that in Vietnam we won't be wanting to leave

We have hardly been at home this week.  Last night we had dinner with Damon and Lynne, who are on a whistle-stop visit from the States. 

We haven't seen Damon since his last visit home 4 years ago - and if it weren't for Facebook, we'd probably have lost touch.  Thank God for Facebook.  But Facebook is not entirely reliable - we had to tell the whole story, about the job, the wedding and the move - Damon had heard none of it.

However, Facebook does have some uses.  Here's the lovely couple:

Fittingly, we decided to go to the new Vietnamese restaurant that has just opened in Downtown Auckland.  Cafe Hanoi is just behind the back entrance of Britomart, and has enjoyed several great reviews already.

I didn't take any photos of the food, or anything else.  It has only just occured to me now that it might have been a good idea to do so.  The restaurant's website is currently only very basic - contact details and the menu - so I can't crib any pictures from there, either.  BUT - the food was wonderful and I recommend my fellow Aucklanders to give it a go.

Go!  Eat!

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